Outdoor Human

by Oh! Ogopogo!

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The most subversive children's album to date!

In the second release from Oh! Ogopogo! the band tackles important subjects for all Anar-Kids! From bullying, the environment, crime and punishment, consumerism, robot sisters to just wanting to have a little "me time", the band is able to tap into the mindset of all thinking children with fast-paced punk rock tunes that will have the next generation dancing, moving, grooving and questioning authority.

If your little one needs to learn about state oppression early, why not make it fun with the musical stylings of Oh! Ogopogo! and their second (and most subversive album) Outdoor Human!

The CD comes with a 20 page, 10 inch colour book illustrated by 9 different artists. This book can be used to sing-a-long with all the songs on the CD, or you can just read it to your child.


released March 18, 2017

Friendly - Drums, Kind Gestures and Backup Vocals
Urban Su - Vibraphone, Mandolin, and Backup Vocals
Dirt MD - Bass, Dirt Voodoo, Backup Vocals
Gentleman Joel Fernandes - Electric Guitar, Backup Vocals and The Voice of Reason
Tarah Masu - Accordion, Choice Words, and Backup Vocals
Johnny Feelings - Vocals, Frantic Hand Waving and Acoustic Guitar

Myke Hall recorded, mixed and mastered all songs in Fernwood, Lekwungen Territory.

Backup Vocals provided by Frida, Theo, Ivan, and Elyse

All songs written by Johnny Feelings except Robot Sister, written by Friendly.

Cover, inside art, book layout and CD by Evan Pine


all rights reserved



Oh! Ogopogo! Victoria, British Columbia

Kid's Music Punk Rock Adults Can Dig!

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Track Name: Don't Feed The Bullies
Don’t feed the bullies

They live in a cage of resentment
Knocking you down is how they gain empowerment
Bullies are mean and prone to negativity
We won’t let them take our positivity

Don’t feed the bullies

They live in a zoo made out of envy
They lack the social skills to be friendly
Bullies are mean because they think it gives them power
We won’t take it for another hour

Life’s a crazy zoo
You don’t know what to do
This doesn’t really change when you’re an adult
Do the best you can
Your friends will lend a hand
Don’t waste your time on folks that leave you sour
If you’re pushed down
Don’t stick around
Just walk away and use your wits
You can talk it out
Seek help if you’re in doubt
There is always someone around who will listen
Track Name: Naughty Chair
Naughty Chair

I don’t want to bathe
I don’t want to behave
I didn’t break those things
I don’t want to get along with my siblings

I don’t want to go to the Naughty Chair
Because I’m not naughty I’m nice, I’m perfectly nice
I don’t want to sleep
I don’t want to eat my meat
I don’t care for puddings
I don’t want to get along with my siblings
Track Name: Think Before You Buy
Think before you buy
Commercials can lie
There are people paid by merchants
Who will trick you with advertisements

Toys rarely do the things commercials say they do
Some of the most disappointing products will be advertised to you
There are wonderful things to buy, things made with care
You should get what you’re sold, the exchange, it should be fair

How much is it worth? Where was it made?
Is it something you want or need or did an advertiser plant that seed?
There are wonderful things to buy, things made with care
You should get what you’re sold, the exchange, it should be fair
Track Name: Hang Around With You
Hang Around With You

I don’t need all of this action
I don’t need a constant distraction
I just want to hang around with you today

I don’t need everyone’s attention
I just want all of your affections
I just want to hang around with you today

Please don’t go away
Let’s go outside and let’s go play

Why don’t you call in sick today?
Let’s go outside and let’s go play

I just want to hang around with you
Track Name: Outside Kid
Outside Human

People sit together but they look alone
Always looking down at their mobile phones
My parent’s eyes are LCD screens
Too busy texting to communicate with me
I want to go
Where the action is

I’m an outdoor human
I’m an outside kid
I want to go outside
Track Name: Umami
Track Name: Super Vallain
Super Villain

The air is polluted, it’s hard to breathe
They built all these highways, where there used to be trees
Can’t swim in the water, like folks used to do
Factory runoff made it a chemical stew

I’m going to try not to destroy our world
Like a villain, I’m not a villain
I’m not a Super Villain

The climate is changing, it’s sad but it’s true
Centuries of harm, we can’t undo
But there is progress where there is green
Try not to pollute or promote the fiends

There is more to this life, than just getting rich
Try to be caring, good gracious and switch
All of your anger for kindness and worth
But most important, please do not destroy the Earth

I’m going to be the best Human I can be
Track Name: Robot Sister
Robot Sister

I just found out, my sister is a robot.
I know it sounds funny, but my sister is a robot.

Robot Sister

And she won’t get out of my room!

She is made of metal sprockets pistons and springs.
She’s always in my room, doing robot things.

She doesn’t use words when she speaks.
She communicates with squonks and squeaks.

Bleep bloop.
Bleep bloop ping klang.
Bleep bloop.
Ticka ticka ticka.

Bleep bloop, get out of my room!
Ping klang bleep bloop, get out of my room!
Track Name: So Many Colours
So Many Colours

So many colours with so many meanings
So many colours describe the way I’m feeling

On Monday I felt blue
I was low to the ground I didn’t know what to do
But on Tuesday I felt yellow
I jumped out of bed I wanted to hug the world and yell hello!

On Wednesday I felt red
Energy and excitement went straight to my head
On Thursday I felt green
I felt so jealous everyone was having fun without me

On Friday I felt orange
Joy, fascination, creativity and action
On Friday I felt orange
But the problem is that nothing rhymes with orange

Saturday I felt purple
Royal and proud I could jump any hurdle
On Sunday I felt pink
I wanted to dance and spin, I wanted to sit and think

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